Ten Ways to Become
More Confident.


1) Envision Your Success

What is the vision you hold for yourself? Confident people have an optimistic outlook, are clear on the outcomes they're looking for - and envision and believe their success.


2) Know Yourself

Self awareness is a form of power, allowing you to take good care of yourself (which is also very attractive) Plus, when you know and live your core values, you exude confidence.


3) Play to Your Strengths

Confident people know and love their strengths! They believe they are capable and find ways to use their strengths in their lives and careers - often.

4) Accept Failure as Part of Life

Do you embrace failure as part of life's journey? Are you willing to make mistakes? Confident people see failure as an essential learning opportunity.


5) Learn How to Disarm Your Inner Critic

Our critic can be harsh at times. A confident person knows how to listen to what's of value - and discards the rest. It's a powerful skill that can be learned!


6) Know How to Engage Your Inner Sage

Each of us has a wise self, an inner sage that we can connect to and get support from. A confident person regularly this part of themselves.


7) Love Learning & be Open to Change

A growth mindset is essential to confidence, so be open to learn and change in all areas of your life. And remember that mastery is more important than perfection.

8) Take Decisive Action...

Confident people take decisive action and achieve things. They act boldly when needed and the rest of the time they just get things done.

9) ...And Calculated Risks

A confident person takes calculated risks, knowing they can handle failure. They plan for success, and have a back up plan if needed.

10) Give Yourself Full Permission to be You

Everyone has flaws. Confident people choose to fully accept themselves - warts and all.

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