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Law of Attraction & Manifestation – Advanced

Have you read ‘The Secret’, ‘Ask and it is Given’ and other books and want to dive even deeper into the Law of Attraction?

Do you want to work on aligning with your inner being more consistently?

Do you want to leverage the universal power for business?

Do you want to dive deeper into how to soften your resistance with specific family relationships?

Do you want to dive deeper into how to soften your resistance with your partner and allow a happier relationship?

Do you want to create a more positive money mindset?

Do you want to dive deeper into your health and well-being?

Do you want to manifest your goals with even less effort and more consistency?

Do you want a master law of attraction coach to answer your questions directly about specific areas of your life?


If your answers have been a big, loud YES, then that’s wonderful because I can help you!


5 Weeks

Join me on an incredible journey where you'll get direct answers

to your life questions

and understand more deeply

how to harness the power

of the Universe!


8 Weeks


If you want to dive deeper into

the Law of Attraction and gain more consistent alignment in relation to specific things going on in your life, this program is designed for you!


12 Weeks


If you are ready for an expansive and inspirational experience, to stay more consistently aligned with your inner being, in every area of your life, this personalised program is for you!


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