Three Top Tips for When You're Feeling Overwhelmed..

1) If You Need to make a Decision, Make a Good Enough Decision

Being a perfectionist overwhelms your brain, don’t put pressure on yourself to make the absolute 100% best decision. In fact any choice that you do make will never seem like the best one if you’re always thinking about what could’ve been. It can feel like a decision is irreversible, but nothing is set in stone – you have the power to choose differently at any point.


2) Deep Breaths

Generally we breathe using only the top part of our lungs, which means that we rarely exchange the air in the bottom parts of our lungs. Taking deeper breaths improves our health, reduces stress and ensures that all our organs can function optimally.


3) It's OK to Make Mistakes

We all get it a little wrong sometimes. May be you could have done something differently but by recognising this you give yourself the opportunity to do it differently next time and learn from past experiences. Be kinder to yourself, remember nothing is permanent and you're allowed to feel upset, but it will pass.


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