'Empowering You' Program

Are you ready to move forward and feel better?

Do you want to embrace positive change and the power of happiness?

Are you ready to move forward and feel better?

Do you want strategies for happiness, well-being, fulfilment and self-actualisation?

Do you want to embrace positive change and the power of happiness?


If you are:

  • Unhappy with the results you're seeing

  • Lacking confidence in yourself and feel you’re constantly holding yourself back

  • Feeling like you are meant for more

  • Wanting to fast track your transformation

  • Feeling like there are things you could or should be doing, but are not and feeling frustrated as a result

  • Thinking that making money is really hard work for you and that may be you're not meant to be wealthy

  • Feeling stuck or unsure how or in which direction to move


If your answers have been a big, loud YES, then I can help you turn things around!


Join me on an incredible 5 week journey where you'll connect with your future self, get clarity on your desires and learn how to move forward to get the things that you want.


You'll get one to one coaching with me - and my mission is to guide you through the program where you will reconnect with your true self and start feeling fulfilled from deep within you, so that you can begin to live your life to your full potential.


I show you how to shift your mindset into actualising your dreams and desires and achieve more abundance in every part of your life.


I know that you can be, do and have anything you want and my mission is helping establish that belief within yourself - I'll be holding that space and supporting you on this journey.


Are you ready?


'Empowering You' is a personalised coaching experience. You are unique and so is your amazing journey and I will be tailoring each session for you.


What's included:

5 x 60 minute coaching sessions (1-2-1 with Mikki)

Discovery of your individual core values

Specifically tailored processes for you and your lifestyle to achieve a positive mindset

Reprograming of your subconscious mind for success and confidence

Tools to help you get more clarity and direction on your life vision

A practical plan, tailored individually to you, on how to achieve your inspirational future

Full support on Whatsapp and email in between each session and for 2 weeks after the course has finished.


Additional Bonuses include:

Guide to managing your emotions

Guide on decision making

Strategies to combat worries

Guide on affirmations

Guide on vision boards


The step by step process:

  1. Clarity

  2. Action plan

  3. Momentum

Are you ready to move forward & feel better?

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